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your Area Agency on Aging for Warren/Forest Counties.


The purpose and mission of Experience, Inc. is to provide, or arrange for, a comprehensive array of services intended to offset the gradual loss of functional abilities typically experienced by the elderly, with a corresponding continuum of care to enable elderly persons to maintain adequate functioning, and permit as independent a lifestyle as possible, preferably within the person's own home. We consider our consumers to be a most precious and deserving group, and believe it is an honor to assist them at this age. As they finish their journey through life, we hope to be an ally, an advocate, an ombudsman, a protector and, perhaps most importantly, a friend.


The goal of Experience, Inc. is to preserve self-support and, as much as possible, increase self-sufficiency. Care Managment Services are a series of coordinated staff activities. This free service includes a comprehensive assessment to determine a consumer's needs, help coordinate timely and appropriate services through the AAA and other resources in Warren and Forest Counties.


We unfortunately continue to find ourselves enduring one of the most debilitating budget delays in the history of the Commonwealth. We are told the agreed to "framework" is in jeopardy and we may be prolonging even further the lack of a budget. The longer the impasse persists, the more difficult it is for anyone to win from the process...we all lose. As we continue to scale back services and await the epiphany of a budget resolution in our State Capitol, we must be mindful to give thanks for what we have.




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Your Social Security Payment upon Retirement

Want to see an estimate of what you will receive from Social Security if you retire at ages 62, 66 and 70? Go to this AARP widget site to get the calculation. http://www.aarpfs.org


LINK is a regional initiative that helps you find the agency and assistance that you, or a loved one, need to stay in the family home as long as possible. Check out the LINK web site at www.warren-forestcarelink.net to find all the member organizations and what they can do to help you. That's www.warren-forestcarelink.net.


Experience, Inc. - Warren/Forest Area Agency on Aging is dedicated to providing services to meet the needs of the citizens in Warren and Forest Counties, particularly its citizens age 60 and older.

We have a variety of programs to help enhance the quality of life for persons desiring to remain independent for as long as they can. Our professional staff is trained to recognize areas of concern and need, and to provide the appropriate referrals for services.