Established in 1968, Experience, Inc., the Area Agency on Aging, is dedicated to meeting the needs of senior citizens of Warren and Forest Counties. Experience, Inc. is a nonprofit company. We offer a wide variety of programs and services created for seniors to enhance the quality of life. Our services are designed with your long-term independence in mind. Our professional staff is here to help, plan, and coordinate your care.

The Older Adults Protective Services Act protects Pennsylvanians 60 years of age and older against physical, emotional, or financial abuse as well as exploitation, neglect, or abandonment. Reporting of abuse is mandatory for employees and administrators in care settings. Reporting abuse is voluntary and anonymous for the general public, and the law protects all reporters from retaliation and civil or criminal liability. The Area Agency on Aging receives reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are responsible to investigate within 72 hours. Call 814-723-3763 or 1-800- 490-8505.

Click here for the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.

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Get your taxes completed for Free!!!!

VITA TAX Begins February 6th

Beginning January 24th 2023 pick up your Intake form and envelope.

Come to the back entrance to the ACC (the river side) go up the ramp, through the door, and on a table to your left are the packets. You will need to pick up the large envelope and a yellow Intake form.

No taxes are completed without a completed yellow Intake form!

Include in your envelope:

  • Your 2022 tax returns

  • The yellow intake form fully completed with your Name and a Valid Phone Number (your tax preparer will call you if they need clarification or to tell you when your taxes are completed)

  • Information if you received the Child Tax Credit

  • A copy of your Driver’s License, a copy of your SSN card as well as a copy of the SSN card that you are claiming on your taxes

  • A voided check if you want to receive your return electronically

On the outside of the envelope:

  • Name

  • A valid phone number (the VITA Volunteers will not be able to contact you if you don’t include your phone number, delaying your return).

  • Seal your envelope with tape

No taxes are completed without a completed yellow Intake form!

Drop off your completed Intake form and envelope.

Come to the back entrance ground floor, up the ramp and through the doors. On the right is a large brown lock box. Lift the lid and place your completed taxes on the platform. Closing the lid allows your taxes to drop down into a secure lock box that is emptied periodically throughout the day.

The ACC is open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 – 4:00

For more information- call 814-723-4180.

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