Personal Care & Home Support

OPTIONS is a program that allows individuals to receive services and supports in their homes. The OPTIONS Program serves individuals who are either financially or clinically ineligible for Medical Assistance (MA) Long-Term Services and Supports. OPTIONS services are provided to eligible consumers aged 60+ to assist them in maintaining independence at the highest level of functioning in the community and help delay the need for more costly care/services.

Program Eligibility requirements, an individual shall be:

Age 60 and older – experiencing a need for personal care assistance due to frailty in regard to physical and/or mental status that impacts daily functioning – A Pennsylvania resident – A U. S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. This is a cost sharing program where the consumer may have to help with the cost of care, depending upon income. A sliding fee scale based upon the person’s (and their spouse’s, if applicable) income is used to determine what percentage, if any, they may have to pay.